About me

My name is Julio Vargas, and I am a skilled Data Analyst with a background in mechanical engineering and over a decade of experience in problem-solving. I specialize in working with structured data and leveraging it to drive insights that inform data-driven decisions.

“My philosophy is ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,’ – William Thompson.”

Data Analyst with a background in mechanical engineering and 12 years of experience across various industries. My experience working with structured data has equipped me with the skills necessary to collect, process, and analyze large amounts of information. I am confident in my ability to use this experience to drive data-driven insights and inform business decisions. My technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, honed through my years as a mechanical engineer, make me well-suited to succeed in my new role as a data analyst. I am eager to apply my expertise to new challenges and continue to grow in this field.



Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets

Data Visualization

My Experience


SCI Distribution


Communicated effectively with customers and project management regarding issues and project needs. Created an easier-to-follow chart for the management fuel system, which has become standard. Developed models and data to understand and predict failures on mobile or in-place fuel systems and presented findings to stakeholders.


Miguels Latin Market

Office Assistant

Created a proven track record of accurately maintaining detailed records and generating reports. Managed and streamlined administrative processes to reduce errors, improve accuracy and efficiency, and achieve organizational objectives.



Safety Director

Supervised a group of 6 coworkers to ensure adherence to quality standards and proper work procedures. Define and enforce the use of occupational safety and hygiene policies. Performed checking data input or validate totals on forms prepared by others to detect errors in arithmetic, data entry, and procedures. Research and management of industrial occupational incidents.